• Always keep the image and reputation of public services.
  • Always carry out duties with honesty, trust and fair.
  • Always reject all forms of corruption and provide equal service to all customers.
  • Always emphasized the importance of the task of self-interest.
  • Always meet the time in performing their duties.
  • Always friendly service and responsiveness to customers.
  • Never accept money / gifts / entertainment as a reward to help expedite the approval process.
  • Always nurture the spirit as a team and want to help any party that needs the help and support.
  • Always accelerate and not delay the payment transactions to all parties entitled to receive payment.
  • Always indicate the level of high professionalism and skills to customers, especially the Department.
  • Always strive to improve the knowledge and skills in performing the task.
  • Department and customers do not cheat.
  • Always save in financial management.
  • Always wise and noble character of the scheme or choose to avoid you in all procurement matters.
  • Always strive to improve work quality and productivity of the department.